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How we protect your privacy:

We do our best to protect your privacy:

  • We use proton, which provides encrypted email and file storage to ensure privacy.
  • We will collect and use individual user details only with your permission.
  • Users contacting this website and/or its owners do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk. Every effort has been made to ensure a safe and secure form to email submission process but users using such form to email process do so at their own risk.
  • If we delete it we will do so securely.
  • Our site is accessible through the internet. So if you post comments, other people can see them.
  • We never sell your personal details to anyone, or share it with other parties and do not use your data commercially.

What we collect

We send users newsletters about our work to those who sign up. So we keep these names and email addresses. The Newsletter is emailed out to all those subscribed to our mailing list on an occasional basis. Once you unsubscribe we will delete your contact.

We hold limited personal data about previous and current publishing partners.

Watershed has access to the names and minimal personal financial data of our donors through our account with secure online payment processing site Stripe, which allows us to receive donations via our website. Watershed is a not-for-profit organisation and we run on donations and grant funding.

As part of our job we collect data and information from various sources for journalistic research and development purposes. This information will be archived after an appropriate period.

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