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Pollution in rivers, lakes, aquifers and seas

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Water bodies, from rivers to oceans, are under stress from legacy chemicals, emerging pollutants, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, microplastics, industrial contaminants, nutrient overload and much more.

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Toxic waste lies beneath schools in England and Wales, map shows

The oil pipeline in the Great Lakes

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Why Michigan is trying to shut down Canada’s Enbridge Line 5 pipeline

An ageing oil pipeline crossing part of the Great Lakes – a fifth of the world’s fresh surface water – has led to a standoff between the US state of Michigan and Canada. The outcome of the battle over Line 5, which delivers energy to the US Midwest and central Canada, will be viewed by many as a bellwether of how North America will balance its energy future with its environmental commitments.


Turtle Island and the Black Snake

Native American Anishinaabe people have been living around the Great Lakes since time immemorial, following spiritual beliefs centred around the water. But they say their way of life is being threatened by an oil pipeline sitting on the bed of the Straits of Mackinac, a volatile waterway connecting two of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Forever chemicals in drinking water

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Water from a supply containing high levels of toxic chemicals was pumped into the homes of more than 1,000 people. Cambridge Water admitted it removed a supply containing four times the regulatory limit of perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS), which was being blended with other supplies to provide water to the homes of customers in south Cambridgeshire.

Evidence bolsters family’s claim that hydrogen cyanide from a landfill killed their son

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A family that has been fighting for seven years to prove that hydrogen cyanide from a landfill killed their son received a boost when incident logs from Public Health England apparently backing their claims were uncovered, prompting a local council to commit to taking a fresh look at the land surrounding the family’s home.

Sewage dumping in British rivers

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Untreated sewage was dumped into England’s rivers at least 372,544 times in 2021. Articles by journalists now working for WATERSHED have exposed key elements of the sewage scandal, such as how the Environment Agency knew raw sewage was being illegally dumped into rivers, lakes and seas a decade ago.

SEVERN: The poisoning of Britain’s Amazon

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In ENDS Report’s film SEVERN: The poisoning of Britain’s Amazon, Environment Agency whistleblowers, experts and people who live by and work with the river give their testimonies as to how the river has been allowed to deteriorate and the dire consequences for people and wildlife.

Squeeze on water resources

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Pressures on freshwater resources are intensifying as a result of climate change, pollution and overuse. Who gets access to clean water, who owns it and how is it managed? Is there effective regulation in place and are rules being adequately enforced?  


Environment Agency has ‘no idea’ how much water is taken, says whistleblower

They say wash your hands but the nearest water source is 25 miles away’: America’s hidden virus victims

Native Americans are dying from Covid-19 at a rate five times that of their white counterparts.


Is another Day Zero on the Horizon for Cape Town?


From Pittsburgh to Flint, the dire consequences of giving private companies responsibility for ailing public water systems 

The private water company Veolia had contracts with both Flint and Pittsburgh around the time that lead levels rose in their drinking water.


Thirst for Justice

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Armed only with facts and their illnesses, extraordinary citizens take on industry and government, risking arrest to protect clean water. From Flint to the Navajo Nation, via Standing Rock, this is their story.

Thirst for Justice was shown on Bloomberg Quicktake.

It is currently available for purchase at Bullfrog Films.


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