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BBC and WATERSHED win coveted science prize

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Watershed’s PFAS investigation was the subject of  the winning BBC Costing the Earth radio documentary, with reporting by Leana and Rachel, with Leana presenting.  The programme was commissioned and edited by Emma Campbell and produced by Alasdair Cross and Dimitri Houtart.

The team won the Royal Society Audio Awards for Britain’s Dark Waters, which played on BBC Radio 4 & BBC Sounds

Judges quote: The story-telling structure kept the listener’s attention throughout, through its variety of locations, powerful examples, eloquent first-hand testimony and clear, persuasive sync from experts.


Podcast launch! THE WATERSHED INVESTIGATIONS: Tales from the frontline of the water crisis

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Investigative journalists Leana Hosea and Rachel Salvidge bring you tales from the frontline of the water crisis, interviewing people who are experiencing first hand the pollution, drought, floods, extinction events and diseases driven by climate change and bad management. Talking also to world class experts, Rachel and Leana find out how each crisis began and explore possible solutions.

In the first episode, Rachel and Leana tackle the malodorous issue of raw sewage pollution. Human waste flows through the UK’s rivers and seas, fuelling outrage among the population, not least in former rock and pop star Feargal Sharkey, whose righteous fury has kept the scandal at the top of the agenda in the mainstream media and ruffled more than a few feathers in government. In this episode, Sharkey digs into the root causes of what he calls a “catastrophic failure of regulation” and lends his support to direct action as a last resort, when the grown-ups have failed to act. Leana and Rachel also hear from Tom Haward, an oysterman whose family has cultivated oysters in Essex for centuries and who is taking the government to court in a bid to protect his business from future pollution.

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From: Watershed Investigations @WATERSHED_i

Frequency: Fortnightly

Duration: Approx. 20 minutes

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