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Environment Agency has nearly halved water-use inspections in last five years

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The Environment Agency has slashed its water-use inspections by almost a half over the past five years. Environment Agency officers visited people and businesses with licences to abstract, or take, water from rivers and aquifers 4,539 times in 2018-19, but this dropped to 2,303 inspections in 2022-23, according to data obtained by the Guardian and Watershed Investigations.

PODCAST: ‘It’s killing us slowly’: water rationing in Cape Town

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Cape Town teeters on the edge of Day Zero – the time when water will no longer flow from its taps. But poorer residents are first the feel the thirst and say water rationing is slowly killing them. Rachel and Leana speak to Cape Town residents, including Faeza Meyer from the African Water Commons Collective, about the desperate situation, and interview Professor Hannah Cloke from the University of Reading, whose new study shows that it is the ‘elite’ – people who have swimming pools and large gardens – who are driving water crisis just as much as climate change and population growth.

In each episode, investigative journalists Leana Hosea and Rachel Salvidge bring you tales from the frontline of the water crisis, interviewing:

  • Somone on the frontline of the water crisis who is experiencing first hand pollution/drought/floods/extinction events and diseases driven by climate change and bad management.
  • A world class expert, who can shed light on the causes and solutions to the issue in hand.

Water missing from climate planning despite threat to billions

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Water is being overlooked in climate planning and funding, experts have said, despite half the world’s population facing acute water stress by 2030.

At the UN Water Conference in New York, the Secretary-General said “vampiric overuse” and pollution are draining the “precious lifeblood” while climate change is “wreaking havoc” on the natural water cycle.

Rivers at risk if summer drought strikes

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England faces an ‘ecological disaster’ if a severe drought strikes, with water companies turning to rivers to avoid drinking water shortages. Analysis of water companies’ plans reveals huge shortfall in the case of severe drought if no action is taken.

Squeeze on water resources

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Pressures on freshwater resources are intensifying as a result of climate change, pollution and overuse. Who gets access to clean water, who owns it and how is it managed? Is there effective regulation in place and are rules being adequately enforced?  


Environment Agency has ‘no idea’ how much water is taken, says whistleblower

They say wash your hands but the nearest water source is 25 miles away’: America’s hidden virus victims

Native Americans are dying from Covid-19 at a rate five times that of their white counterparts.


Is another Day Zero on the Horizon for Cape Town?


From Pittsburgh to Flint, the dire consequences of giving private companies responsibility for ailing public water systems 

The private water company Veolia had contracts with both Flint and Pittsburgh around the time that lead levels rose in their drinking water.


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