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Watershed publishes three new podcast episodes

Why hundreds of toxic road runoff outfalls are polluting England’s rivers

A toxic cocktail of damaging chemicals created by road pollution is flowing into England’s rivers and no regulator is monitoring the scale of its impact on wildlife or public health. In this special episode – a collaboration with the Planet Possible podcast – Rachel Salvidge, Leana Hosea and Planet Possible host Niki Roach dig into the lesser known problem of river pollution from roads, speaking to the Environment Agency’s director of water Helen Wakeham, National Highways’ director of environmental sustainability Stephen Elderkin, and Stormwater Shepherds’ director of operations Jo Bradley.

Gaza’s water crisis

The people of Gaza are on the frontline of a water crisis. Since Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October, killing 1200 Israelis and taking hostages, Gaza has been under unprecedented bombardment, killing more than 28,000 Palestininans, many of them children. Most of the population are displaced and living in unsanitary conditions, with soaring rates of infectious diseases linked to polluted water and lack of sanitation. Children in Gaza have barely a drop to drink, according to UNICEF.

Leana and Rachel examine the historic and current water crisis, speaking with:

Dr Shaddad Attili, lead Palestinian negotiator for water at the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Ramallah in the West Bank.

Professor Alon Tal of Tel Aviv University, an environmentalist and water management expert, who has founded several Israeli environmental organisations and was recently a Member of the Knesset with the Blue and White centrist zionist coalition.

Professor William Schabas of Middlesex University, an international expert on human rights, international criminal law and genocide and was the head of a UN Committee investigating the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.

Professor Mark Zeitoun of the Geneva Water Hub, a policy institute which focuses on hydro-diplomacy to prevent and resolve water-related conflicts.

Toxic: Britain’s forever polluted rivers and seas

In this special episode, Leana and Rachel discuss their new film in which they travel the country testing for toxic PFAS ‘forever chemical’ pollution at hotspots around Britain. Find out which river is carrying one of the highest loads of PFAS in the world and how a PFAS factory is discharging a category 1 carcinogen into protected waters.

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